Chains & Stakes CD

The fourth studio album by The Dead South


Description: Chains & Stakes was recorded in Mexico City’s Panoram Studio. After the success of their travel to Muscle Shoals, Alabama to make Sugar & Joy, The Dead South’s confidence in their craft and trust in their team brought them even further south of the border. Reunited with Jimmy Nutt, the Grammy-winning producer of Sugar & Joy, The Dead South convened for a pre-production session followed by a two-week recording session, which included additional content gathering for photos and video assets in support of the new release. The result is an album of surprises, memorable moments, head-turning musicianship, and vulnerable personal stories. Chains & Stakes is a truly “Dead South” collection in the balance of darkness and levity that has come to define their unmistakable brand.

1. Blood On The Mind
2. Yours To Keep
3. 20 Mile Jump
4. Where Has The Time Gone
5. A Little Devil
6. Son of Ambrose
7. Clemency
8. Completely, Sweetly
9. A Place I Hardly Know
10. The Cured Contessa
11. Tiny Wooden Box
12. Yore
13. Father John

This item is a pre-order and will be shipped out on or before the album release on February 9, 2024.

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